Brian J Zwit

Image of Brian J Zwit with camera and big glass

Brian Zwit is a nature and outdoor photographer and educator based in northern Virginia and is obsessed with capturing the elegance and majesty of nature. He particularly likes to photograph landscapes but stays away from the well-known, preferring the solitude of the backcountry. He is always looking for new and creative ways of presenting landscapes, including photographing them on real and instant film and post-processing them in new ways

While focusing on fine art nature photography, Brian is always experimenting with other genres of photography and has photographed protests, dogs, and city and street life. He photographed one wedding and has promised himself to never photograph another. (In a previous life, he was a lawyer and handled one divorce and, like photographing a wedding, will never handle another.) His images are in private residences and corporate offices and have been used in regional magazines and for corporate and international publications.

Brian has been teaching photography for over ten years for workshop companies and non-profits, including the Ward Museum, Chincoteague Bay Field Station, and camera clubs in the mid-Atlantic. His Lightroom classes have been particularly popular and has taught Lightroom to over 750 people since version one. He also speaks to camera clubs, schools, and other organizations on creativity and photographic techniques. He is well known for his ability to distill complex topics to their essence and explain them in simple, easy to understand ways.

Brian’s favorite assistant is Dingo, a Parson Russell Terrier, who really is not very helpful but is always ready for a walk in the woods. They are collaborating on a children’s book tentatively called What’s Dingo Thinking?. She also reminds him not to get too obsessed with photography and enjoy just being in nature. 

Brian has college degrees in chemical engineering, law, and photography and extensive training in HTML, PHP, JavaScript, and other computer technologies and applications

If you have any questions, send Brian an e-mail…